Many gift hampers on the market today are packaged in such a way that the recipient can see just about everything that’s inside. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with sneaking in a surprise or two for good measure! There’s nothing quite like that feeling when you open a hamper and you find more than you expected.
One way of achieving this is by ordering a gift hamper and having it delivered to you instead of the recipient. Make sure that you have the hamper delivery scheduled in advance so that you have more than enough time to add something personal and rewrap it before presenting it to the recipient in person.
A great gift to include in the hamper would be some kind of jewellery. In fact, if you are planning on proposing to your significant other, you could use a gift hamper as part of your grand proposal! Hide the ring somewhere inside the hamper and attach small love letters to several items in the basket. Number the love letters so that the recipient is sure to read them all in the correct order. Profess your love and build up to the big question before guiding them to the location of the ring.
Ladies you can also surprise your partner with a hamper as a way of breaking the news that you’re expecting! Pamper your partner with all of their favourite treats and, like the proposal tactic mentioned above, you can use your love letters as part of your big reveal! Instead of hiding a ring, however, you could hide something small and baby-related like a pair of booties, a baby toy, or something along those lines.
No matter what message you want to share with your partner, you can do it with the help of the right gift hamper. Create your very own treasure hunt and lead the lucky recipient down an exciting path to share some exciting news or pop the question!