Crackers are a tasty snack and perfect for in between meals and even to serve before dinner if you are entertaining guests. The next time you buy a box of crackers or even when you receive them in a delicious snack hamper, you can try these interesting toppings out and decide which ones you wish to serve at your next cocktail party or dinner.
Fruit and cheese
It might sound strange but cheddar cheese goes very well with different types of fruit. Pears and apples are two top choices. Place a slice of cheddar on your crackers and then top them with some thinly sliced fruit! Experiment with different types of fruit to see which ones appeal most to your taste buds.
Smoked salmon can work out pretty expensive if you plan on serving a fillet to each of your guests. Instead, why not give your event some class with salmon without the massive cash outlay? Place a slice of smoked salmon on your cracker and garnish with cucumber, sour cream and a dash of chives.
Mozzarella, basil and tomato
You may have seen platters of sliced mozzarella accompanied by perfectly sliced tomatoes and garnished with some basil and a drop of balsamic vinegar. Take care with the vinegar, however, since it might not suit everyone’s tastes. Instead, place a piece of mozzarella, a slice of cheese, some fresh basil and leave your dressing on the side for guests to help themselves.
Breakfast treat
Bacon and eggs are perfect for breakfast and they work very well as a cracker topping too!  Place a piece of bacon on the cracker and top with a piece of egg.  The egg needs to be hard boiled and you should bake your bacon in the oven so that it’s not too oily.  For design purposes, you should slice your egg into wedges so that each cracker gets some of the white and the yolk.
Sweet treats
Crackers don’t need to be reserved for savoury treats.  You can quite easily turn them into sweet delights!  Spread some peanut butter on the cracker, top with a couple of slices of fresh banana and add a few drops of fudge, caramel or chocolate topping sauce.
Another option includes using some vanilla frosting as a base and topping it with strawberry and a pinch of chocolate sprinkles.
Roast beef or turkey
Imagine the flavour of that delicious roast beef sandwich with cheddar cheese, horseradish dressing and a touch of dill.  Now put that on a cracker instead and you have a delicious treat that everyone will be familiar with!
As for the turkey, you can follow the popular Thanksgiving tradition of combining turkey with cranberry sauce.    Place your turkey on the cracker first and then place some cranberry sauce on top. You can also add honey mustard if you like.
When topping your crackers, you simply need to remember all the flavours that work well together in your favourite dishes.  The idea is to experiment just as much with different sauces and spices as well as the toppings themselves.  Sweet and savoury items can also be combined to create a sensational result.