You may have noticed a wide range of exquisite wine hampers available these days.  They offer everything from your favourite reds and whites to sparkling wines and wine accessories.  Unfortunately, as wonderful a gift as it is, wine does not always appeal to everyone’s tastes.  So, when you’re looking for a hamper that includes a snazzy bottle but not necessarily a bottle of wine, what are your options?
Firstly, if you are planning on sending a hamper to somebody who prefers beer to wine, you can find a wide selection of fancy beer hampers online.  Yes!  Beer can make a practical and sophisticated gift if the recipient prefers a cold pint over a glass of wine!  While some beer hampers include a collection consisting of several different kinds of beer, others are made up of a fewer bottles of beer and some delicious snacks to perfectly compliment the beer.
Then there are those who enjoy a something a little bit more refined like a smooth whiskey.  You could send a classy gift like a single malt whiskey or take it just one step further and look for a whiskey hamper that includes some extras in the form of specially selected snacks that are perfect for enjoying with that bottle.
Other options that you might find more suitable based on the intended recipient’s personal preferences include hampers with gin, vodka or port.  Don’t forget to consider other options like chocolate hampers, sweet treats perfect for tea time and fruit baskets for those who suffer from any health concerns.
In many cases, you don’t need to go too over the top when selecting this kind of gift.  One of the main advantages of buying a hamper for Christmas or as a gift for any other occasion is that they always look great!  They never come across as cheap and they are always appreciated.  Even if you do decide to send a non-drinker a bottle of wine, you could take the initiative of including a few recipes or ideas of how to put that fine bottle to good use other than drinking it.