Over many years, researchers have come to learn of the various benefits of drinking red wine.  Now, it should go without saying that excessive consumption is by no means recommended.  Moderate red wine consumption can provide the body with a number of benefits so, the next time you’re thinking of sending a red wine hamper to a loved one or popping the cork yourself, here are some of the main advantages:
In case you don’t know, there are two types of cholesterol.  LDL is the “bad” kind while HDL is called “good cholesterol”.  Studies have shown that moderate red wine consumption has proven to increase HDL levels by as much as 20%.  Doctors do emphasize, however, that this should be done in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle for best results.
A study was conducted on 12,000 women between the ages of 70 and 81.  The results showed that those who consumed moderate amounts of alcohol had 23% less chance of experiencing a decline in mental health.
Bed bugs are nasty creatures that live off human blood.  As sweet as you might normally taste, after a glass or two of red wine, you’re not likely to be their first choice for dinner!
While you might gain weight if you drink a couple of bottles every day, drinking a moderate amount of red wine regularly helps prevent women from becoming overweight.  Researchers have also noted that drinking any kind of alcohol tends to make people hungry.  Therefore, it is recommended that you enjoy your red wine with your meal.  It will help fill you up and you won’t feel the hunger effects from the alcohol because you’re already eating!
Red wine is known for containing resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant.  Resveratrol helps act against inflammation and it also helps regulate the body’s production of insulin.  With all of these properties, it’s no wonder so many agree that moderate red wine consumption leads to a longer life!
Red wine can be used in many different ways so, even if you tend to end up with leftovers, it won’t go to waste.  From personal beauty tricks to delicious meals, there’s so much that you can do with any red wine that you don’t manage to consume.  Remember that it is recommended that you consume red wine at room temperature and, before you enjoy a glass, you should allow the wine to breathe.  Avoid filling your glass up to the brim and avoid mixing wines.