For most of us, it is difficult to imagine a time without hamper gifts. They have been around for so long that one can’t help but wonder what we ever did before these convenient gifts became available. Gift hamper traditions and the history of these types of gifts can be traced back to the Victorian era.

How they came about

As briefly mentioned above, during the Victorian era, William the Conqueror brought the very first hamper to Britain. The French word ‘hanapier’, meaning case for goblets, is where we get the English word hamper from. It wasn’t long before this word became associated with large wicker containers filled with various items. Because these hampers offered such great ventilation and they proved incredibly durable, they became increasingly popular for food storage. As time went by, however, many people decided to add even more goodies to these baskets and they did not limit their gifts to perishables. Clothing and other practical items were also packed inside these baskets in order ensure that they were properly stored and beautifully presented. The basket itself would prove to be something that the recipient could use time and time again.

Today’s hampers

When shopping for a gift hamper today, you will notice that there really are so many different options available. Not only are they available in different shapes and sizes, but they also cater to various budgets. They are the best gift to send when you are not sure what will prove most appropriate.

Great for all occasions

Your gift hamper vendor will not only offer a wide selection of baskets that can be sent for any occasion, but also those that that are specifically packed and packaged with a particular occasion in mind. Christmas gifts, for example, will often be decorated in festive colours and contain all sorts of traditional festive goodies. Your online hamper vendor will make shopping easy by allowing you to browse through various sections based on the occasion.

So, the next time you are looking for a gift that is just right, no matter the recipient or occasion, you should take a moment to browse for a gift hamper online. You will be surprised just how luxurious yet affordable these baskets really are.