When it comes to food and beverage pairings, most people think about pairing wine or beer with their favourite meals. However, there are other non-alcoholic beverages like tea that also need to be properly paired. Here are some essential tea and food airing tips to ensure that you get the most out of your tea and your plate of food.

Black tea

One of the most popular types of tea is black tea. It is also really easy to pair black tea and food. There are three main varieties: smoky, fruity and earthy. Smoky black tea should be paired with dark or blackened meats since it has a strong flavour. Fruity varieties are best enjoyed with pastries and other sweet treats. As for earthy black tea, you should enjoy it along with blackened meats, mashed potatoes and don’t forget the gravy!

Green tea

Green tea is also available in several varieties – smoky, vegetal and fruity. Smoky teas go very well with chicken or turkey while vegetal green tea should be enjoyed with mild flavours such as fish, seafood or chicken. Fruity green tea can be served with lighter meats, sandwiches and even a bowl of fruit salad.

White tea

If you prefer white tea, you should pair it with foods that have a delicate flavour or else your meal will overpower the aroma of the tea. Some of the best pairings include salads and vegetables. Make sure you go easy on any sauces or dressings too.

Oolong tea

There are light and dark varieties of Oolong tea. The light varieties are ideal for pairing with rich seafoods or snacks that are lightly salted. Darker varieties have a stronger flavour and you can enjoy a cup with some trout, salmon or similar meats.

The right tea and food pairing will ensure that your beverage of choice will enhance the flavours of the meal and vice versa. Tea is excellent for enjoying after a meal too. Of course, foods with strong flavours can desensitize your taste buds so you might need a pallet cleanser between your meal and your post-meal cup of tea.