If you love baking and you enjoy jellies, you will love combining the two. You can spruce up your favourite baked recipe when you add jelly sweets. Here are some ideas of recipes that can use a little extra colour and sweetness.

Add to cakes

Whether you are baking a chocolate cake, vanilla sponge cake or any other cake, you can add jelly sweets before you bake your cake mix. After mixing all of your usual ingredients, pour half of the mixture into a cake tin and arrange jellies over the top. Then cover with the rest of the mixture before you bake. You can also decorate with jellies after you have decorated with icing.

Delicious cupcakes

Just like your full-sized cake, you can add jelly sweets to your cupcakes in exactly the same way. Fill your cupcake moulds halfway, add jellies and fill the rest. Bake as usual, decorate with some frosting and top with some more jellies for decoration.

Top your desserts

Other desserts can also simply be topped with jellies and you will transform them. Take ice cream for example. You can add jellies, delicious sauces, sprinkles, choc chips and just about anything you like to your next bowl of ice cream. If you are serving ice cream to guests, you might want to consider setting up an ice cream bar. Let your guests add their own toppings.

Jellies in jelly

Since jelly is semi-transparent, you can make it look and taste even more interesting by adding some jellies to the mix. You could even create a fun, layered design. Pour one layer of jelly and allow it to partially set before adding some jellies. Then top with another layer of jelly in a different colour and repeat this until you have added all of your layers.

Decorate your drinks

Cocktails can be decorated in a number of ways. You can add some colourful sugar to the rim, add an exotic flower or, you guessed it, you can add jelly sweets too! If you want to. You can soak your jelly babies in alcohol like vodka the night before you plan on using them in your cocktails.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to add jelly sweets to other dishes or drinks just to enjoy them. If you want to offer them to your guests, you can place a bowl of jellies on your coffee table. Set some small bowls next to the main bowl and set a spoon nearby so that guests can help themselves.