When many people think of wine, they often imagine an alcoholic beverage that can have dry or possibly unpleasant aftertaste. However, not all wines are dry or bitter. There are a number of sweet wine varieties out there and they are perfect for enjoying after a delicious meal. That’s right, they are so sweet that you will no longer feel the need for dessert!

Dessert wines

This type of sweet wine is perfect to enjoy after a meal. You can serve it along with your desserts if you like or simply as a treat after a fulfilling dinner. Some even enjoy serving dessert wines before a meal, as an aperitif. These wines have a thick yet smooth consistency to them. Some of the top producers of dessert wines are in France, Germany and Italy.

Fortified wines

Sherry, Port, Marsala Wine and Madeira Wine are all examples of popular fortified sweet wine. The names of these wines indicates their origin. For example, Marsala is made in Sicily while Madeira wine is made in the gorgeous island of Madeira. Port is from the city of Oporto in Portugal and there are a number of types of Port available today. Tawny Port, Ruby Port and Vintage Port are all very popular. Sherry is made in Spain and there are light, dark, dry and sweet varieties.

Ice wines

If you want a sweet wine that is truly unique, you should definitely try ice wine. This wine is different because it is made by pressing frozen grapes. The pressure needed to squeeze the juice out of these grapes is greater than any regular grape press. The fact that specialised equipment is needed and the cost of making such wine is higher means that each bottle will fetch a higher price too. Two of the main countries where this type of wine is made are Canada and Germany. The process of freezing the grapes is completely natural so it is also very much weather dependent and this is why only certain countries make this wine.

These are your three main types of sweet wine. Whether you choose to enjoy a glass along with a slice of cake or all on its own, you can be sure that these wines will most certainly impress those taste buds!