Being a mother means that you will go through many different stages. From the day they are born until they grow up and have children of their own, you will never see them as anything less than your babies. Whether you want to spoil your own mother or the mother of your children, different gifts suit different stages of motherhood. Here are some perfect gifts to consider for all stages of motherhood.

New mothers

A new mother will often prove conscientious with regards to her diet. She might be avoiding such things as coffee, alcohol and she may even be more inclined towards healthier choices like fresh fruit. Fresh fruit hampers make perfect gifts for new mums because they are great for her nutrition and baby’s. Remember, she will most likely feel quite tired. So, she might not be up for a day out. Instead, you can plan a luxurious day in and pamper her from morning to night. Don’t let her do any cooking or cleaning. You can also take care of your little one so that mum can get some extra rest.

Mothers of toddlers and young children

This is a really fun time for celebrating Mother’s Day because you can let your kids get involved too. While you can opt for a fabulous champagne hamper, you can also choose a food basket that includes a bottle of bubbly. Some of the most perfect gifts of all are those that mum can share with her little ones. Mothers love to let their children enjoy their gifts along with them. You can also have your children lend a hand when making mum a special breakfast and they can make cards and other gifts to let mum know how much they love her.

Mothers of older and adult children

Just because her children have grown up does not mean that she stops worrying about them. A mother will always care, love and worry about her children. This is why you should take every chance you can to celebrate this love. The perfect gifts are those that come from the heart. Mum may enjoy a delicious hamper. In addition, you can treat her to something sentimental like a beautiful framed photo, sentimental jewellery or you can buy her something that she likes to collect.


As we get older, life tends to become that much simpler. It’s the smaller things that really count. This means that the most perfect gifts for grandmothers are those that are simple yet thoughtful. A lovely tea time hamper, for example, could be just what she needs to encourage her to relax for the day. You can also take her out if she does not manage to get out much. A few hours in the fresh air will do anyone the world of good. Most important of all is to offer her your time and undivided attention.

As you can see, there are amazing and perfect gifts suited for every stage of motherhood. No matter what you choose, make sure that you always include a personal touch. Be in the form of a card, a poem, a photograph or another personalised gift, it’s these smaller touches that make all the difference.