If you forgot about Valentine’s Day, you still have time to crawl out of the proverbial doghouse. The key is to make sure that you take action sooner rather than later. If you are not too sure about how to make it up to your partner or spouse, here are some ideas for romantic gifts that they will love.


Since Valentine’s Day is an occasion worth celebrating, it’s no wonder why champagne and sparkling wine are fantastic gifts. You will find a number of excellent options to suit every budget. Champagne hampers might include a single fine bottle of bubbly or they could be paired with delicious goodies like chocolates. Take your pick based on your budget and the preferences of your Valentine.


If your loved one has a sweet tooth, luxury chocolates always make thoughtful and romantic gifts. Make sure that you go all out since you did forget Valentine’s Day, after all! You don’t want to settle for anything less than the best if you really want to make it up to your partner or spouse.

Other sweet ideas

If you want to sweeten them up but you know that they aren’t necessarily a fan of chocolate, you can choose other delicious treats. Cakes, biscuits and sweet hampers are also amazing romantic gifts. After taking the first bite, they are sure to forget all about the fact that you slipped up.

Sincere apologies

When you know that you messed up, there is nothing you can do but apologise. If you simply send romantic gifts without any apology, the recipient will not know how deeply you regret being so forgetful. Make sure that you write a sincere and loving message in the card provided by your hamper vendor.

You will also need to choose whether the hamper should be delivered directly to the recipient or if you want to present it in person. If you send romantic gifts to their place of work, it could attract attention and their co-workers might joke about the fact that you forgot Valentine’s Day. If this is something that would make your Valentine feel uncomfortable, you should present the gift privately instead.