If you are planning to spend your Valentine’s Day at home, you will need to plan your date night just right. This usually begins with the menu. If you are not sure what to cook, all you need to do is choose from these delicious ideas.


Your starters and your main course will go hand in hand. This is because you don’t want to repeat anything. In other words, if you choose a fish starter, you don’t want to serve fish as a main course. Some of the best starter ideas include a light salad with shrimp or chicken, shrimp cocktail or even a rich and creamy soup. Some of the best cream soups include broccoli and cheese, tomato and vegetable. This way, you will really be free to choose whatever you like to follow up this dish.

Main course

There are plenty of delicious ideas for your main course. If it is still particularly cold outside, you will be looking for some comfort food. This often means pasta. Pasta dishes are really easy to make and so versatile. You could make a vegetarian macaroni and cheese bake with lightly fried onions, mushrooms and peppers. You could opt for traditional spaghetti bolognaise. Another option would be Penne Pollo which is a pasta dish with chicken, a white wine sauce and roasted almonds. Apart from pasta, you could consider chicken parmesan, a pot roast or even a scrumptious pie.


Now for the best part of the meal – dessert! Here are some delicious ideas for those with a sweet tooth. Firstly, you will need to choose between fruit or non-fruit flavours. Fruity ideas include fruit salad with fresh cream or ice cream. Alternatively, you could bake a cobbler or apple pie. Non-fruit options include various cakes, cupcakes, chocolate cobbler and various puddings. A warm dessert can often be topped with vanilla ice cream for the ultimate contrast.

Remember, once you have selected from these delicious ideas, you will also need to choose the right beverages to serve before, during and after the meal. You may like to serve some champagne to start, followed by a suitable wine to match your main course. After your meal, you can enjoy some coffee or tea.