The holidays might be behind us, but if you were unable to treat your friend or loved one last year, you still have time. During the first few weeks of the year, you can still make up for it by sending belated Christmas gifts. In fact, many people choose this option because now is the time when you can expect some of the best deals out there! If you are wondering what you should send, here are some excellent options.

Something sweet

We all tend to overindulge over the holidays so you might not be all that keen about sending a basket full of chocolates and sweets. However, you can still send a sweet hamper in the form of a fruit basket. These make superb belated Christmas gifts because you can send them to an individual or family. They offer the recipient a healthy alternative to all the usually sugary snacks.

Scrumptious food

Food hampers are a great option when it comes to belated Christmas gifts because they are filled with various savoury goodies. You could send a pie hamper, for example. While the pies are freshly made, they can be enjoyed right away or frozen for several months. When the recipient does not have time or energy to cook, they can relax knowing that there are delicious pies just waiting to be defrosted.

Beer or wine

Depending on the beverage preferences of the recipient, you might like to send them a beer or wine gift. Beer crates are great because they often allow the recipient to enjoy ales, beers and lagers that are not available in your regular shops. Craft beer is becoming increasingly popular for its unique flavour and quality. As for wine gifts, you can take your pick from red and white wines depending on the preferences of the recipient. If you are unsure, you could even choose a duo that includes one of each.

Pamper gifts

If you want to steer clear of food altogether, remember that pamper hampers are always appreciated. They are superb belated Christmas gifts because they help the recipient relax into the new year. The holidays can be exhausting for so many. With all the cooking and cleaning, many people feel even more tired after taking a break from their usual work schedules. A good soak in the tub with all the right body products will help them feel brand new again!

There you have it! Some excellent ideas for belated Christmas gifts to impress any recipient. Whether you forgot to include somebody on your shopping list or you were strapped for cash, these gifts will more than make up for it.