There are many different kinds of wines available on the market and each of them suits a different pallet. One of the biggest ways that wines differ is in price. There are cheap wines, expensive wines and there are several varieties that market theirs somewhere in between. The price of the wine will depend on three main factors: the barrel used, the amount of time needed to produce the wine, and the region where the grapes are cultivated.

The barrel

The main purposes of a barrel is to expose the wine to oxygen while adding certain flavours from the wood. Oak barrels are the most sought after of all. They are also more expensive than inferior quality barrels. Barrels also need to be replaced every few years which presents a regular cost. The type of oak also affects the price and the higher the quality, the more expensive they become.


The common conception is that wine improves with age. This is definitely true when it comes to red wines but white wines don’t always age quite as well. All wines require a certain amount of time to mature. Time allows the tannins and acidity to decrease which results in a wine that’s a lot easier on the senses. Of course, the longer it takes to produce, the more the wine maker invests and the cost of each bottle also increases.


As for the location, there are some areas that are better established than others when it comes to wine making. The more experience and the better established the region, the higher the price. It’s quite similar to the concept of paying more for certain brands rather than generic names that you’ve never heard of.

You will also notice that expensive wines usually have more elaborate (and expensive) labels. This ensures that they look as good from the outside as they taste coming out of the bottle. When cooking with wine, you might not feel the need to spend too much. Expensive wines should be enjoyed on special occasions and sent as gifts. When you send a wine hamper as a gift, for example, the last thing you want to do is send something that looks or tastes cheap!