When you want to send a gift to your friend or even a loved one, you will notice just how many hampers there are out there. Non-alcoholic hampers make wonderful gifts for a number of recipients and for a number of reasons. If you are trying to decide between a non-alcoholic gift and sending a bottle of wine or whisky, here’s what makes non-alcoholic options great.

For non-drinkers

If you know that the recipient of your gift does not consume alcohol, you should opt for non-alcoholic hampers. It will show that you care enough to look for a gift that appeals to their preferences.

For new mothers

If you want to spoil a new mum, you should be aware of the fact that she most likely does not want to consume alcohol at this time. Whether or not she is breastfeeding, many new mothers avoid alcohol for a number of reasons. Instead, you can search for non-alcoholic hampers that include various foods and non-alcoholic beverages.

Respect their religious choices

Another reason for sending non-alcoholic hampers is for religious reasons. If you know that the recipient does not consume alcohol due to their religious practices, it is extremely important to make sure that the hamper gift you send does not contain alcohol. It can be perceived as quite an insult if it does.

Finally, if you are ever in doubt, non-alcoholic hampers are a great choice for all recipients. If you are not sure whether or not the recipient drinks, they are the safest choice. In addition, if you don’t know what type of drink they prefer, a non-alcoholic gift will prove the best bet so that you don’t offend anyone.