Drinking glasses are available in all shapes and sizes. While some may believe that the glass doesn’t really matter, experts will disagree. Every type of glass is designed in order to ensure that you get the most out of every sip. Here’s what you need to know about different beverages and the best glass for each one.


Different types of wine are served in different types of drinking glasses. Red wine is served in a larger glass to allow the wine to really breathe. White wine is served in a taller, more slender glass while champagne is served in the slimmest glass of all. This is to preserve the bubbles. Port and sherry are served in small glasses and are supposed to be enjoyed slowly after meals.


Just like wine, there are different types of beer glasses. American beers are usually served in mugs or pilsner glasses. Mugs are also best for darker varieties while pilsner glasses are used to serve lighter beers.


If you thought the drinking glasses mentioned above were diverse, just wait until you read about cocktail glasses! Highball glasses are smaller than tumblers. They are best for drinks with a higher alcohol content. Hurricane glasses are perfect for daiquiris and margaritas while Martini glasses are for, you guessed it, Martinis! Martini glasses can also be used to serve several other types of cocktails. Shot glasses are a must in every bar and they are perfect for anything you want to serve as a shot. From liqueurs to spirits, you can use single or double shot glasses depending on your preference.

The next time you plan on serving drinks to your friends or family, make sure that you get your drinking glasses just right! No matter if somebody tries to tell you that it does not matter, you want to make them feel like the guest of honour in your home. The right glass will help you do just that!