If you are a tea lover, you will most likely have a collection of various teas in your cupboard. Over time, the quality of your tea will deteriorate if not properly stored. Here are some important tea storage tips to help ensure freshness and make sure that they maintain their flavour and aroma.

Avoid sunlight

The UV rays of the sun will have a negative effect on your tea. You should make sure that you always store tea in a non-transparent container to protect it from light exposure. It is also important that you never buy tea that is stored in clear containers.

Away from heat

Heat is another factor that can affect the quality of your tea. When tea is exposed to heat, like hot water, it releases the flavours and aromas. Hot air can have the same effect and you will notice that your teas are no longer as potent.

Dry storage

Water and humidity can cause mildew to grow on on various food products in your cupboard. Tea is one of them. Proper tea storage means protecting it from exposure to humidity. Store in properly sealed, airtight containers.

Strong smells

Some products have especially strong smells. Condiments, for example, can fill your cupboard with a delicious smell but they can also cause your tea to absorb unwanted flavours. Yet another reason why you should pay close attention when it comes to tea storage. Airtight containers keep out moisture and smells.

By following these simple tea storage tips, you can keep your tea for months without worrying about it losing its strong flavour. Just make sure that you only open the container when you want to make a pot or cup of tea.