A glass of refreshing punch is just what everyone needs this summer. When entertaining family or friends, it’s always good to offer something that everyone can enjoy. Yes, you can serve wine, beer and other beverages too. However, once they get a taste of your punch, they won’t want anything else! Here are some important tips for preparing the best punch.

Soak the fruit

If you want your refreshing punch to pack a punch, you need to get started the night before you intend on serving. This is because you should allow your fruit to soak in vodka overnight. This allows the alcohol to penetrate the fruit and, when serving each glass, your guest will get a few pieces of fruit too. While the punch itself will not turn out incredibly strong in terms of alcohol content so your soaked fruit is where it gets that kick from. Make sure you allow the fruit to soak in the fridge. Use cans of mixed fruit. Do not use fresh fruit.

Add liquids

After you have let your fruit soak, it’s time to add the liquid elements. Fill the bowl almost to the top with Sprite and orange juice. Store in the fridge until your guests arrive. When you remove it from the fridge, you can add a few ice cubes to chill it even more. Don’t add too much or you will end up diluting your refreshing punch.

Tropical twist

If you want a refreshing punch with a tropical twist, you can add less vodka and complete with coconut rum like Malibu. Remember, you don’t want to double up on the alcohol or it will end up too strong. You can even add extra canned pineapple pieces to reinforce that tropical taste.


Finally, don’t forget about the importance of presentation! Garnish your bowl of refreshing punch with lemon and orange slices to give it more colour. The fruit will sink but the fruit slices will float which balances it all out beautifully.

Remember, when serving a glass of refreshing punch, you need to stir it up first. This will ensure that all of the liquids are thoroughly mixed and you will get a few pieces of fruit in each glass as well. If you don’t mix it, you will end up with a bowl of vodka-soaked fruit that will most likely be thrown away and this is such a waste.