Coffee is usually considered as a morning or after-meal beverage. It is most often enjoyed hot but can be served cold too. You can also add various flavours to your coffee for an even more enjoyable experience. Coffee desserts take things to a whole new level too! Here are some delicious ideas for your next dinner party.


Coffee and kahlua brownies are a real treat after a fulfilling meal. Kahlua is a coffee liqueur so you can be sure that this is one of the most potent of all coffee desserts. Even if you are not much of a drinker, rest assured that most of the alcohol content will evaporate while baking.


If you are looking for easy coffee desserts, you should try making a Coffee S’mores Pie. All you need is a graham cracker crust topped with coffee ganache and fluffy meringue. It’s creamy, full of flavour and will cure that sweet tooth.


For mousse-lovers, you have to try making a dark chocolate mocha avocado mousse. It combines coffee, chocolate and avocado. It’s not as high in calories or fat but it is certainly bursting with flavour. Remember, you should blend your avocados very well before you add other ingredients. This ensures the perfect texture. Also, use ripe avocados. If they are hard, the will not blend well.

Ice pops

If you are looking for coffee desserts that will help you cool off this summer, try making some coffee ice pops. All you need is coffee and ice pop molds. Pour the sweetened coffee into the molds and freeze. It will take several hours but it’s certainly worth the wait.


Tiramisu has got to be one of the most popular of all coffee desserts. It is on the richer side of the scale so you don’t need to eat a lot before feeling satisfied. Not only will you cure your coffee craving, but that sweet tooth too!


Cheesecake can be made in just about any flavour – including coffee. This dessert is rich and heavy so you don’t need to serve large portions to your guests. Those with an extra sweet tooth may request a second helping but usually one cheesecake is enough to feed 6 – 8 guests.


Like cheesecake, biscuits can be made with just about any flavour or aroma. There are a number of excellent coffee biscuit recipes out there. All you need to do is try out a few and see which one you love the most.

As you can see, coffee desserts come in a wide variety and you can find something for everyone. You can even serve more than one of these desserts at your next dinner party to ensure that everyone has something delicious to enjoy after their meal.