There are many occasions throughout the year that call for group or family gifts. A family hamper can be sent for Christmas and Easter, for example. If you like, you can send larger hampers for occasions like somebody’s birthday so that they can share their gift with their family too. Here are some gift ideas and tips.

Family size and ages

When shopping for a family hamper, it’s important to consider the number of family members as well as their ages. While parents may enjoy a bottle of wine or coffee, children will not be able to enjoy these gifts. In this case, look for a hamper that includes something for everyone. One example is a coffee and biscuit hamper. While adults enjoy the coffee, biscuits and brownies can be shared with everyone.

For parents

If you are looking for a gift for a couple rather than a family hamper, you can most certainly send something like a cheese and wine basket. These gifts are great because the couple can enjoy the contents together. If they have a small child, you can always send a separate gift like a cuddly bear for the little one.

Food hampers

Food baskets like those designed for the perfect picnic are also excellent options when shopping for a family hamper. They include a variety of sweet and savoury foods that everyone can enjoy. Make sure that you read the contents list of the hamper before making your choice. You want to make sure that there are several goodies that they can share. If there are young family members, look for non-alcoholic hampers that breastfeeding mothers can enjoy too.

Fresh fruit

Whenever in doubt, you can always send a fruit gift basket. Fruit gifts are a great idea because they are bright, colourful and suitable for the whole family. Again, just like any food hamper, you should always check the contents of the basket before making your choice. Different hampers come in different sizes with various types of fruit included.

These are just a few great family hamper options from which you can choose. Remember to include a special note in the card provided by the vendor. Even if it is just one of the recipient’s birthday, you can encourage them to share with their family too.