Are you looking for a fun Easter recipe that the kids will love? Why not make them some very special Easter milkshakes? If you are not a fan of milkshake, you could even opt for some strawberry drinking yogurt. Here are the steps to follow.

Planning the design

Before you begin making your Easter milkshake, you will need to plan the design. For this design, you need a short glass (similar to a whisky glass) but make sure that it is plain and without patterns or textures. You will also need some strawberry milkshake or yogurt. To make the bunny ears, you need cookie dough which you will mold into the shape of the two ears. You can also use a temporary marker to draw the bunny’s face and whiskers on the glass. Finally, a straw to serve.

Making the cookies

Start by making the ears out of cookie dough. You want to make sure that there is a gap or slot at the bottom of the ears so that you can slide them onto the glass. The slot needs to be long enough that the ears will not prove top-heavy. When you are ready, you can bake your cookies and allow them to cool. Decorate them with fondant or icing sugar according to your personal preference.

Decorate and fill the cup

Draw some cute bunny eyes, a nose and some whiskers on the glass. Add the milkshake or yogurt to the glass to help the bunny face stand out even more. Slide on the ears and add a straw to serve!

Not only will your children love drinking their Easter milkshake, but you could even allow them to decorate their glass so that it really is personalised. They can create funny bunny faces and you can even add sprinkles to the top of the milkshake if you like.