When we think about Easter, we often imagine all the chocolates and sweet treats that await. Of course, there is no rule set in stone whereby you are forced to send sweets. There are plenty of other excellent gift ideas that your loved ones will appreciate.

Celebrate with champagne

Encourage a lighter atmosphere by sending a bottle of bubbly to their door. Champagne or sparkling wine will certainly help lighten the mood. Especially if you know that the recipients are stuck at home and you are not able to visit. You can also make a plan to video call and enjoy some champagne ‘together’, albeit online.

Pastry gifts

If you would rather send something savoury this year, you’re in luck! There are some delicious pastry gifts on the market and they include a variety of scrumptious pies. The best part of all is that these pies can be frozen for up to six months. So, the recipient does not need to force themselves to finish the whole box. They can enjoy a few right away and freeze the rest for later.

Fresh fruit

If you want something on the healthier side of the scale, fresh fruit is the way to go! It’s an excellent Easter gift option because of all the colours and fresh fruit is also great for their health. Look for hampers that include some citrus fruits for an excellent spring season immune system boost.

Diet friendly

If the recipient is on a specific diet and they are avoiding meat, sugar or gluten, you can shop for diet specific hampers. These gifts are specifically designed to cater to various dietary needs. Each product included in these gift baskets is carefully selected so that they can be safely consumed by the recipient.

As you can see, there are plenty of great Easter gift ideas that don’t necessarily include sweets. Yes, you will still find plenty of chocolate and sweet hampers out there. However, there is no rule that says you cannot send something on the low-calorie or savoury side.