When placing an order for Mother’s Day hampers, you want to do so ahead of time to avoid disappointment. That said, you want to have them delivered as close to the time as possible. Since you probably do not want to have them delivered on the day, you will need to store mum’s gift for at least one night. Proper storage is extremely important for maintaining the integrity of the products inside the hamper. Here are some important storage tips.


One of the most important factors to consider when storing a hamper is the temperature of the room. Both extreme heat and cold can damage the products in the basket. For example, chocolate can melt if it gets too hot. On the other hand, cold temperatures cause changes in the texture of the chocolate as well as its appearance. Mother’s Day hampers should be stored at normal room temperature unless it contains perishables that need to be refrigerated.


Another common mistake is storing Mother’s Day hampers is forgetting to keep them away from moisture. Look for a spot that is not known for having high humidity. Water particles can make their way into the hamper through gaps in the packaging. This can result in condensation inside the hamper which can, in turn, damage the products.


Direct sunlight can have two negative effects. Firstly, it can cause products like chocolate to melt. Secondly, it can cause condensation to form inside the packaging. This is because all air has some amount of water. By heating the hamper, it creates a kind of greenhouse effect and you will notice droplets start to form on the plastic wrapping.

Pets and children

Your pets or children will not know that the basket of goodies is not for them. When they see beautiful Mother’s Day hampers tucked away, they might not be able to resist the urge to snack on whatever is inside. So, make sure that you place the hamper in a room where they will not have access or out of reach at least.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can rest assured when buying Mother’s Day hampers early. Many gift hampers include items that have a long shelf life which means that you can even have the gift delivered several days ahead of time if you like.