There are few things more difficult than trying to decide on a menu for a special occasion. You want to make sure that everyone will enjoy it and that it will cater to the preferences of the guest of honour. Here are some excellent Mother’s Day brunch ideas for you to consider this year.

Pancakes or waffles

Which does mum prefer, pancakes or waffles? Even if you don’t have a waffle iron, you can still buy them and heat or toast at home. Either way, top her sweet treat of choice with some ice cream and perhaps some chocolate or caramel sauce and she will love it!

Something salty

If mum has more of a savoury preference then Mother’s Day brunch should include at least a couple of scrumptious savoury foods. Examples include pies or pastries, quiche and even frittata.

So simple

There is another excellent idea if you want to keep it simple, quick and easy. All you need is bread, bacon and eggs. You will also need a muffin tray sprayed with butter or something similar. Now line each cup with a slice of bread (trim according to the size needed). Add a slice of cooked bacon and then add one raw egg. Bake in the oven and serve nice and hot.

Fruits and cereals

If you want to keep it light, you can always opt for something like a decadent bowl of the most delicious muesli along with yogurt and perhaps some fresh fruit too. This is an excellent option for new mothers in particular because it’s healthier than fried foods.

Remember, the goal of any Mother’s Day brunch is to make mum feel special. So, select the menu based on her preferences and make sure that she does not lift a finger. Even when the time comes to clean up, mum should not be allowed to do a thing. This is her official day off from it all!