If you want to go all out this year for Valentine’s Day and really show your partner or spouse how much you love them, you need a plan! Here are all the ingredients needed for the perfect and most memorable Valentine’s Day!

Fresh flowers

Start the day with fresh flowers. The most popular Valentine’s Day blooms are red roses but you could always opt for other red flowers or even pink blooms. If you know that your Valentine prefers a particular type of flower or colour, you could send a bouquet that suits their preferences.

Delicious gift

Edible gifts are also a great way to show that you care. Some of the best romantic gift hampers include chocolate baskets, sweet gifts, food hampers and even fruit gifts if you know that your Valentine is trying to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Take note of the contents of the food hamper before placing your order so that you know exactly what is included.

Dinner out

Now that you have a scrumptious gift and fresh flowers taken care of, it’s time to plan dinner. If possible, book a table at their favourite restaurant or another sentimental spot. If you are not able to eat out, you might be able to ask to restaurant if they deliver or if you can collect. When eating at home, make sure that you plate the food and set the table as if you were at the restaurant itself.

Long-lasting gift

Finally, don’t forget about a gift that will last. Jewellery is a popular gift for romantic occasions for this very reason. One great idea is to get your Valentine something like a charm bracelet that they can build upon year after year. It’s a great gift because it will last and it will make shopping in the future that much easier!

No matter how elaborate your day and gifts are, make sure that you don’t lose sight of the smaller things like a card. Take the time to write a special message in the card just for your Valentine and let them know that you care.