When shopping for a romantic gift, chocolates are usually at the top of your list. However, not many people have actually stopped to ask themselves why they should send chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Well, here is what you should know about this delicious and romantic gift.

Pounds of sweetness

Chocolates are such a popular gift but not many people know just how popular. Each year, 58 million pounds of chocolate is purchased during this time of year. When sending chocolates for Valentine’s Day, it’s not just the quantity that matters, however. The quality of the chocolate is also extremely important.

Aphrodisiac properties

According to the Aztecs, cocoa is perfect for setting the mood for romance. We have Spain to thank for bringing cocoa and chocolate to Europe and the rest of the world. While it was first a rather bitter drink, chocolate has changed over the years to become one of the most desirable sweet treats. During the Victorian era, it became common practice for women to refuse chocolate from any man with whom they were not engaged.

Valentine’s Day and chocolates

Since chocolates are associated with romantic intentions, it’s no wonder that chocolates for Valentine’s Day are the perfect gift. Again, during the Victorian Era, John Cadbury (of the famous Cadbury’s chocolate brand) worked hard to improve upon his father’s recipe and techniques. He managed to create the delicious chocolate that we love today. He also started designing decorated boxes that included images of red roses and cupid, which are both associated with Valentine’s Day.

Love letters and chocolates

Over time, love letters were sent along with these boxes of chocolate and the keepsake boxes were extremely popular too. Many lucky recipients of these chocolates would use these boxes to store momentos and letters that they could look back on after many months or years.

On to America

Milton Hershey drove chocolate-lovers wild with those delicious bite-sized kisses while Russell Stover introduced the very first heart-shaped box of chocolates. These boxes were covered with satin and black lace which made them very different and far more luxurious. These were the ideal chocolates for Valentine’s Day!

As you can see, there is a clear connection between sweet treats and romance which is why chocolates for Valentine’s Day have been such a popular choice for so many years. In fact, they are not only perfect for this occasion, but all romantic occasions.