If you are looking for affordable Valentine’s Day gifts for the special man in your life, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of options. Here are some ideas that you can make yourself or order online without spending a fortune.

Make a card

Instead of buying a card this year, you can stick to a budget by making one yourself. This might not be the only gift you send but it can certainly be paired with any of the other affordable Valentine’s Day gifts listed below. You can even personalise your card by including a photograph of the two of you together.

Get baking

Even if you have never baked a cake or cookies before, now is the perfect opportunity to get started! Not only will you be able to enjoy the sweet taste of your efforts together, but you can also be sure that the delicious scent will fill your home too. Chocolate cake is a popular option and there are plenty of easy recipes available online. Since you will only need a few basic ingredients, you can rest assured that this will be one of the most affordable Valentine’s Day gifts you will ever find.

Personalised mug

A simple yet meaningful gift, you can have a mug made with your message or image of choice. You can choose to have it personalised with a photograph of the two of you together along with a romantic message. These mugs do not cost much so you can rest assured that this gift will not break the bank.

The perfect picnic

A picnic basket is not only an excellent idea when it comes to affordable Valentine’s Day gifts. It is also the experience that your partner will remember. Instead of simply presenting your partner with a picnic basket, why not pack it full of their favourite foods and enjoy several hours together? You can take them out for a romantic picnic at your favourite spot. Alternatively, if the weather is bad or if you can’t leave home, you can set up the picnic in your living room.

His beverage of choice

Another important factor to consider when shopping for affordable Valentine’s Day gifts is what he will love the most. If, for example, he is a beer lover, then you should consider a beer gift hamper. If he enjoys whisky more, then a whisky gift hamper is best.

These are just a few ideas for affordable Valentine’s Day gifts. The best part of all is that each of these gifts comes with an upfront price so you can easily shop according to your budget. Gift hampers online make shopping quick and easy. Each gift is clearly marked at a set price and includes a detailed description. Not only do you know how much you will spend, but also what the gift will include.