Valentine’s Day is not just about you and your partner or spouse. You can plan a fun family date night that includes your entire family. This is an excellent day for celebrating love of every kind – including your shared love for your children. Here are some ideas for celebrating this day of love as a family.

Arts and crafts

Let your children get involved by set out some fun arts and crafts. This is a great way of letting them help with the decorations for your family date night. You can have them cut out hearts, decorate them with glitter and create hanging decorations too.

Cooking or baking together

If your children are old enough, they can lend a hand in the kitchen. They will enjoy family date night so much more if they can take part in the meal preparation. If they cannot yet cook, they can at least help you bake some delicious cookies, cupcakes or make some chocolate-covered strawberries. There are plenty of kid-friendly Valentine’s Day recipes that you can teach your children and make this day so much more fun for all.

Family dinner

Enjoy dinner together as a family. This family date night idea ties in with the point mentioned above. Once you are all done cooking and baking, you can get cleaned up before sitting down together for a scrumptious meal. Turn off all electronic devices and spend quality time together as a family to celebrate the love you all have for one another. You can even opt for something as simple as an indoor picnic if you prefer finger foods to a sit down meal.

Home spa fun

After dinner, you can set up a home spa and everyone can treat another family member to some pampering. It could be in the form of a massage, manicures, pedicures or anything that will make you all feel that much more relaxed. Make sure that you have all of your favourite products on hand!

Game night

Who doesn’t love a night of fun and games? Don’t forget to set aside some snacks for this part of the evening. You might like to eat an early dinner before choosing your favourite game or games that everyone can play. If you have very young family members, you could always play in teams so that they are also included.

There you have it, several excellent family date night ideas that you can all enjoy this Valentine’s Day. The best part of all is that these ideas can be adapted according to the ages of each of your children so that they can all participate.