Winter is almost here and now is the time to prepare your body for the colder months and flu season. You don’t need to take extreme measures to avoid getting sick this winter but you do need to make a few lifestyle changes if you want to avoid the sniffles. Here are some tips to help you stay healthy!

Get enough rest

Your body needs rest just like it needs food, water and air. If you are tired, your immune system will not be able to do its job and you will not stay healthy for long. Stress is another common problem and, when paired with fatigue or exhaustion, you are bound to catch whatever bug is going around the workplace for sure!


It might sound strange to think that exercise can help you stay healthy and avoid popping all that cold and flu medicine but it’s true! When you exercise on a regular basis, you boost your immune system and you give your body a real fighting chance! Even if you do happen to get sick, you will notice that it’s not nearly as bad as it would have been if you had not been exercising.

Stay hydrated

Water is essential if you want to stay healthy. It helps flush out those toxins and keeps all the processes in your body working as it should. Your body also loses extra water when you get sick which is why you should consume even more if you catch a cold this winter.

Fresh fruit

Fresh fruit is key to a healthy diet and lifestyle. There isn’t a multi-vitamin out there that can compare with the real deal! Order yourself a fresh fruit basket and enjoy the nutrients that nature has to offer in their purest form! Seasonal fruit is especially beneficial if you want to stay healthy throughout the year – including during the coldest months.

Pamper yourself

Your mind and body are very much connected. If you want to stay healthy on a physical level, you need to make sure that you take time to give your mind a break too. Treat yourself to a relaxing soak in the tub, aromatherapy and luxurious bath and body products to ease the mind. You will wake up the next morning feeling brand new!

There you have it! A few easy yet effective tips to help you stay healthy no matter what bug is making the rounds at work. Of course, it should go without saying that following proper hygiene measures is also critical. So, regular hand washing and avoiding sharing any utensils should also be top priority.