School has started and, if your children have left the nest, you might feel like you need to do something to make their lives a little easier. Care packages are perfect for letting your children know that you are thinking of them even if they are miles away. Not sure what to send? Here are some ideas.

Delicious snacks

Students are always hungry and craving something to snack on. Often, especially when exams are written, taking time out to eat is a luxury. You can show your love and support by taking your pick from food care packages. These types of hampers may include savoury treats, something sweet or even a combination of both. They are just what every student needs to keep their hunger at bay until they complete their project or study session.

Something healthy

If you want to send care packages that are more on the healthy side, you can send a fruit basket. They are available in all shapes and sizes. Different baskets contain a different variety of fresh fruit so you can choose exactly what you know your child will enjoy the most.


Many parents worry that their child is not eating enough. You can set your mind at ease by sending car packages that contain delicious pastries. These pastry hampers also vary in size and contents. The best part of all is that pies can be frozen for months! So your child will always have something in their freezer just in case they don’t have time to shop or if it’s too late to go out and grab a bite to eat.

Remember, whenever choosing care packages, you should always keep the preferences of your child in mind. Gift hampers are available in a wide variety of assortments. You can shop for vegan hampers, diabetic hampers and even gluten free hampers!