If you have ever heard of chocolate truffles but not yet had the pleasure of enjoying them for yourself, you’re in for a treat! These sweet treats are in a league of their own. This is something that chocolate lovers will appreciate and understand since it’s all about the quality. If you are not sure what truffles are and why they are different from regular chocolate, here’s what you need to know.


Before you can understand what chocolate truffles are, you need to understand how chocolate is made. We have the cacao bean to thank along with the ancient natives of Mexico. First, cacao was used to make drinking chocolate and it was especially bitter. Today, however, we enjoy a sweeter and far more luxurious variety.

How about truffles?

Chocolate truffles can be traced back to Europe where they quickly became a scrumptious sensation. It didn’t take long for the rest of the world to become infatuated with these bite-size delights as well. For the most part, they consist of a ganache (or chocolate-based cream) along with a coating. The coating can be cocoa powder or any type of solid chocolate (milk, dark or white). They can also be rolled up in a type of confection, like fondant, for special occasions like weddings. They are often delicately decorated to make them even more appealing.

Various fillings

The key to great chocolate truffles is in their filling. Many chocolate connoisseurs agree that the finest truffles have savoury fillings. Of course, if you enjoy something a bit more the traditional side, you should try those filled with ganache, flavoured creams, nougats, liqueur or even caramel. If you want truffles with a more modern twist, you can try marshmallow, choc chip, fudge or even fruit fillings.

The best chocolate truffles are made from quality ingredients. Cheap chocolate simply will not do when making this distinctly luxurious treat. This is all the more reason why they are savoured by any lucky recipient and they make a fantastic gift for all occasions.