When selecting a wine hamper for a friend, loved one or even an acquaintance, it’s important to make sure that you make the right choice. If you know that the recipient enjoys wine, all you need to do is figure out which bottle they will most likely enjoy. Here are a few excellent options that will help you shop for the best and most memorable wine gifts.

Red wine

If you choose a red wine hamper, make sure that the bottle included is a quality red. Of all the types of wine available, red is the least forgiving when it comes to quality. It’s also worth noting that different regions produce wines with different aromas and flavours. Examples of full bodied reds include zinfandel and shiraz. Medium full reds include malbec and cabernet sauvignon. Merlot is the most popular medium red wine. Grenache is classified as a medium light while pinot noir is a light red.

White wine

White wine is usually the top choice during the warmer months of the year. If you are looking for something light and sweet, you should choose a Chenin Blanc or Riesling. Light and zesty wines include Pinot Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Muscadet. Sauvignon Blanc is more on the herbaceous end of the scale while Chardonnay is a popular bold and dry white. Ice wine and certain types of sherry are on the very sweet side of things and they are also known for their bold flavours. When choosing a white wine hamper, keep the various flavours in mind and pair the bottle with the preferences of the recipient.

Sparkling wine

Whether you choose a Champagne or Prosecco sparkling wine hamper, you can always be sure that it will be appreciated. These hampers may include a single fine bottle or they could include delicious foods or luxury chocolates. This type of hamper is perfect for celebrating any occasion.

Wine selection

if you are still not sure about the best type of wine hamper to choose, you can always select one that includes a bit of everything. Wine tasting crates include a selection and each bottle has something new to offer the recipient.

Cheese and wine

To make your gift extra special, you could opt for a cheese and wine hamper. The contents of these gifts are carefully selected to ensure that they pair together perfectly. Cheese and wine make a scrumptious treat but it is important to choose the right pairing. By choosing one of these gift baskets, you don’t have to think twice about your selections!

With these handy tips, you too will find it so much easier to shop for the perfect wine hamper for every recipient. If you are not sure about their preferences, remember that you could be a little ‘sneaky’ and ask their partner or spouse for a little hint if possible!