As a business owner, it is up to you to attract new customers and maintain lasting relationships with loyal ones. While many business owners and managers send gifts for occasions like Christmas, they often neglect other annual opportunities for marketing such as Valentine’s Day. When you send Valentine’s Day hampers to your clients, you can be sure that they will be surprised and impressed. Here are some ideas for how you can include customers in your company celebrations.

Send hampers to big spenders

You will undoubtedly notice when certain customers spend larger amounts than others. You can discuss various promotions with your employees and launch a rewards program for a limited period of time. For instance, you can set spending brackets. Spending over a certain amount will earn the customer a chocolate hamper while a bigger spender will receive a bottle of champagne and luxury chocolates. You can offer more expensive and impressive incentives based on the amount that the customer spends.

Host a raffle or lucky draw

Another excellent idea to encourage customers to buy during this time of year is by hosting a raffle or lucky draw. If the customer spends over a set amount, this will enter them into the lucky draw to win one or one of several Valentine’s Day hampers. You can offer several prizes as well as a grand prize if you like. It will depend on your company budget of course.

Small gifts for all customers

It’s not only the big spenders who can feel special this year. Apart from offering decadent Valentine’s Day hampers to your clients, you can also present every paying customer with a small token of your appreciation. A small box of luxury chocolates, for example, will make all the difference. Businesses do not survive on those big clients alone. It’s the vast number of smaller spenders who also help keep a business afloat.

Host a dinner

Take the time to get to know your customers on a more intimate level by hosting a Valentine’s Day dinner. It does not need to be extra fancy but you can also use this opportunity to perform your lucky draw live and in front of all the entrants.

These are just some ways of presenting Valentine’s Day hampers to your customers and showing them how much you appreciate their loyal support. As previously mentioned, unexpected gifts are always the most memorable and they will make all the difference when you are looking for ways of attracting new business while maintaining lasting relationships with existing customers.